Samyang continues making efforts
for a happy society together.

The more opportunities we have for new value creation
the more we carry out more social contribution activities.

of Social

Samyang carries out various social contribution activities hoping to make everyone's dreams come true.

Samyang carries out various social contribution activities
for everyone's abundant and convenient lives.

  • Human Resource

    Yangyoung/Sudang Foundation, Youth Hope School, Blue Manito Mentoring, Samyang Women's Cycling Team

  • Environment

    Love Nature With Blue Mind : Drawing Festival, Future Science Camp, One Company One River Rehabilitation Project, Beautiful Store Dongdaemun

  • Health

    Baking volunteer activity, Health Protector for the Elderly, House Repair, Briquette Delivery, Blood Donation, Beautiful Sharing Package

Social Contribution Activities

Samnam Hansarang Volunteer Group

Samnam Petrochemical executives and employees voluntarily formed an organization in 2004 on October 30th to volunteer within our local community. In the early days, it started out with 108 people, but now all 150 employees have joined in, and various activities have been carried out in three areas: environment, facilities, and welfare.

Our "Samnam Hansarang Volunteer Group" is funded by 145 volunteer members who are employees of Samnam, who voluntarily donate a certain amount of their salary each month. The company operates a so-called Matching Grant Program that subsidizes more than the accumulated number of employees to encourage and support employee donations beyond their savings amount.

There are still many neighbors facing difficulties around us. On the other hand, there are places where relief is out of reach. We will continue our volunteer activities with the Samnam Hansarang Volunteer Group in order to reach every corner of these welfare blind spots with warmth and kindness. We hope a more beautiful world can be created.

  • Welfare Volunteer Group

    We are carrying out welfare-related volunteer activities such as providing side dishes and lunchboxes to families struggling to live each month, holding a Kimchi-making event every year, and themed outings for underprivileged teenagers.

  • Facility Volunteer Group

    The Facility Volunteer Group mainly performs volunteer activities to repair facilities such as civil engineering, electrical work, and painting and also carries out volunteer activities such as repairing homes of extremely poor households in the area and delivering coal to households in mountainous regions.

  • Environmental Volunteer Group

    Mainly carrying out environmental preservation and improvement activities in the region, such as improving children's playgrounds, painting murals on alleys in older villages, and protecting endangered species in coastal tidal flats.

Other Activities
  • We sponsored KRW 700 million for the construction of the environmental library, and later expanded the exhibition hall in the library in order to enhance the image of being a company that values quality, environment and safety.

  • The "Disabled People's Festival,", which started in 2004, continued until its 11th event in 2016. Since 2017, food truck support activities have been continuously carried out, and about 1,000 local disabled people and volunteers come together to break down barriers and establish a harmonious environment where everyone is equal.

  • We have donated 200 million won to the Yeosu Talent Development Scholarship Foundation to foster regional talent and have provided annual scholarship grants to nearby high school students since 1995.

  • In addition, Beautiful Store events, New Year's Eve and Chuseok sharing events, and sharing events with local communities are held.


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Posted on March 28, 2023

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